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Vista slowing down..inconsistent internet? Or what?

Hey guys,

Lately something has been slowing down, either the internet, or the computer. I think it's the internet being inconsistent. One minute, webpages load just fine, a few minutes later...I get things like this.

I changed the router a few weeks back to an N router, and it just so happens since then this has been happening. It shouldn't be a computer because I've changed nothing and it was fine before. I'm tempted to change the router back to the old G router ( by Linksys )....it was faster then.


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Hello in the google search there is a space between the vista x64 take the space out they should all be right next to each other it should look like this.


It looks like a router issue. How did you set the router up? Did you use like a setup cd? I know a few routers these days come with a cd that contains a utility to set up the router quickly for you and may not have set it up correctly.
It is a NetGear n300 router. I did use the instillation CD. It says I have excellent connection..

I also often get " This webpage is unavailable". Also, I am not hard lined to it, I'm running wireless connection off of it with a Linksys wusb100 adapter.