Vista- Very difficult problems - reward offered!


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Im very much a newie to all this so excuse my lack precision in explaining myself...

I have a wireless internet connection for my sony vaio-vgnsz44g laptop at home. Laptop running vista business.

Web pages such as '', '' or '' wont load but simply say Waiting for ' these pages run fine off the desktop computer using the same router but xp operating system and a fixed cable to router and not wireless - i dont know what these web sites have in common. But i must stress I do get a swag of other web sites to work on the laptop.. This is what i cant quite understand.. Ive switched off firewalls, spy sweepers .. reinstalled the wireless connections.. uninstalled windows updates tried checking tcp protocols.. but NOTHING. Even connecting a cable from the laptop straight into the router therefore by passing wireless gives me the same problems.

On top Ive noticed that MSN messenger doesnt work and I get the 81000306 error. I tried the cmd, autotuning=disabled line but that doesnt work to fix it either.

AND to throw another spanner in the equation.. when i take the same laptop away from home and insert a netconnect wireless broadband card into the expressport none of the above mentioned problems occur.

$50,000 reward offered hahaha

WOuld appreciate any help.. thanks

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Web pages such as '', '' or '' wont load but simply say Waiting for '

I had similar problems with Windows Update website. The reason was, as I finally found, that wireless router had strange security option. When routers firewall was activated, even with all blocking rules disabled, it still closed certain ports automatically. It was hard to understand that if all ports are unchecked, the firewall still blocks some ports. After disableing the firewall, problem vanished.

As you told, you already tried to turn off firewall, but maybe you too did not turn it off completely.

Another option that you might check is the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit). Maybe it is necessary to set it below 1500 bytes.

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I adjusted the MTU to 800.. was set to 1500..

EVERYTHING is fixed.. where do i send the cheque!



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Most ADSL ISP's in the UK set their MTU to 1400 to 1432. Having the MTU set to 1500 can cause issues with secure websites (hotmail, ebay, banking, etc).


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