Vista w/ PcAnywhere 12.0 (Remote Problem)


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Hi, I just recieved Vista in my new labtop and I installed PCA 12.0. Now at first it came up and I was able to use it. Now it will not open at all or i can not use PCA as a Remote. Can anyone help me with this problem? Much thanks if you have time to explain.

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I've gotten this, too. If you right-click on your task bar and select Task Manager, end the Winawe32.exe process, and restart PCAnywhere, it will work. I have to do it almost every time I use the program, though. It's a nasty bug I hope they fix soon!

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Well, I don't have a fix for your PCAnywhere issue, but I will volunteer this: Having used a large number of Remote Desktop solutions (several different VNC's, PCAnywhere, MS Remote Desktop, and web-based solutions), my personal preference is usually Microsoft's Remote Desktop. It's free, and built right in to Windows. It tends to work really well, and noticeably faster than other solutions.

The only real downside to it is that when you use it, you "steal" the screen from the workstation - so you cannot use it to guide someone through a task. (Though with the Server versions of Windows, you don't actually "steal" the screen unless you opt for a console-connection.)

When I need to remote to the desktop of a non-Microsoft system, I usually opt for VNC, if possible. Just be careful - VNC has had some nasty security exploits in the past.

Just my $0.02.

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I'm forced to use PCanywhere at work and I run Vista there too. If I recall correctly 12.0 doesn't work correctly with Vista, you'll need 12.1. Its still full of bugs and it crashes on my at least once a day, it works though most of the time. I really wish I wasn't forced to use it.

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