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Solved Windows update not checking for updates

I am attempting to update a new install of Windows Vista that is currently at SP1.
Initially, attempts to run the update failed with error code 80080005, but I got by that with the help of a post on this forum. The advice there was to change the settings to never update, exit Update, re-enter it and and set it back to update automatically. That worked fine.
Now, however, when I open Windows Update and click on Check for updates, the screen flashes immediately and no update are found. I don't even think it's checking.
Any help with this problem would be appreciated.
I am attempting to install the service pack in the hope of fixing a problem and would rather not wait for the 2nd Tuesday of the month.
But here's an update --
I recycled the Update service and now, when I attempt to check for updates, it fails with an error code 8024A000.
All of this is happening after I re-installed a Vista system that used to reside on a 256 G drive with a 500 G drive. I mention this because I saw a couple of hits that suggested that the problem could be caused by a downleveled driver for the disk. If this is the case then I'm really confused because Seagate - the maker of the drive - says that they do not provide drivers for SSHD drives and that they may or may not reside on the motherboard.
Thanks again,


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Go to start button, type device manager in the search section
Look at device manager see any very small arrows (inverted pyramids)?. If you do update those drivers
The only small arrows I see are the expand/contract buttons in the Computer Management window on the left. If I look at the device driver for disk drives, I see a Microsoft driver dated 6/21/2006. If I look in Driver Details, I see two driver files --
C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\disk.sys and
I cannot find either on the Internet.


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Go to disc drives and double click, then right click on the names that appear after the double click. Then hit update.
The problem with clicking Update Drivers is that if I let Microsoft search for a driver it tells me that the driver I have is fine. And I don't know what driver I need so I can''t download it.
I am running an Dell Inspiron 1525. I found a driver on their site - R166200 - but it doesn't appear to be compatible because I am not running in RAID or AHCI mode.
If anyone knows of a driver that might work, it would be greatly appreciated.
I installed and ran WinZip Driver Update. I had two problems doing so: .Net Framework did not install successfully and the Ricoh Media Builder install hung on reboot. After a half an hour, I finally elected to force the program.
A quick check of devive manager showed that the drivers for my disk were not updated, even though WinZip Driver Update installed new drivers for the chipset and the Sata devices.
I tried Windows Update again, but again got the 8024A000.
I find it strange that no one seems to know exactly what this code means.
I came across one post on the Microsoft forum that suggests the solution to the 8024A000 is to install Intel Rapid Technology Storage Driver.
But a prerequisite is that you set Sata Operation to Raid in the Bios, where my only options are ATA and AHCI.


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Good job and thanks for sharing the results. Hopefully someone else will be able to use them. As for raid that is only for high end system and servers. Most people don't use them and you need to have multiple hard drives to be able to use it. Trust me if you don't know what that is you don't want to try to use it. You can google it if you are interested. The driver you tried to find is only for raid setups.