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Windows Update stopped checking for patches

My Control Panel / Windows Update panel says that the last time WU checked for updates was 10/03/2010. HOWEVER, it also says that updates were installed on 1/14/2011. Selecting "View Update History" shows what appears to be a current list of updates as being sucessfully installed.

If I go to Control Panel / Programs & Features and select "View Installed Updates" I get the message "NO UPDATES ARE INSTALLED ON THIS COMPUTER".

SO, my questions are (1) why does WU say it hasn't checked for updates since 10/3/2010? (2) why the discrepancey between the History log and the Installed Updates list? Bottom line question is: am I current on updates?


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Have you made a system restore during those dates?.
I find if I make a system restore, the history shows as installed, when it was actually removed.
If that is the case, you will get new updates in a day or two.
No, I have not made a system restore. Just to be clear, update HISTORY appears to be correct. My question really concerns the update log off the Control Panel / Programs & Features / Installed Updates panel. If the updates do not show up here, there is no way I know of to remove a defective patch.


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Lets start with turning it off
boot computer
turn back on reboot. Hopefully, it will reset.

Although the intent of reset was for an entierly different purpose lets see if it works. Can be used for both Vista and Seven

If still no success go to search type event viewer and look for errors (from the administrative panel on the left) that may indicate a problem.
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