Compress a Folder or File

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    Compress a Folder or File

    Compress a Folder or File
    How to Compress and Decompress a Folder or File with NTFS Compression in Vista and Windows 7
    Compress a Folder or File

    How to Compress and Decompress a Folder or File with NTFS Compression in Vista and Windows 7

    information   Information
    This will show you how to compress or decompress a folder or file with NTFS Compression to reduce their size. NTFS Compression allows you to save some hard drive space by compressing files and folders to reduce their size.

    You will not be able to encrypt an NTFS compressed file until decrypted first.

    Note   Note
    You may notice a decrease in performance when working with NTFS-compressed files. When you open a compressed file, Vista automatically decompresses it for you, and when you close the file, Vista compresses it again. This process may decrease your computers performance since it takes a little longer to open and close a compressed folder or file.

    warning   Warning
    This is not the same as the built-in Zipped Compression used for creating ZIP files in Vista and Windows 7.

    EXAMPLE: Folder not Compressed (Decompressed) and Folder Compressed
    NOTE: Notice that the text is now blue to show it is compressed.
    Compress a Folder or File-uncompressed-jpgCompress a Folder or File-compressed-jpg

    Here's How:
    1. Right click on the folder or file that you want to compress or decompress, then click on Properties.

    2. Under the General tab, click on the Advanced button. (See screenshot below)
    Compress a Folder or File-properties-jpg
    3. To Compress a File or Folder
    NOTE: You will only be able to choose to either Encrypt or Compress contents, not both at the same time.
    A) Check Compress contents to save disk space and click on OK. (See screenshot below step 4)

    B) Go to step 5.
    4. To Decompress a File or Folder
    A) Uncheck Compress contents to save disk space and click on OK.
    Compress a Folder or File-advanced_attributes-jpg
    5. Click on OK in Properties. (See screenshot below step 2)

    6. If the folder contains files or subfolders, you will see this. (See screenshot below step 7)
    NOTE: You will not see this for just a file or empty folder.

    7. Select the option you want compressed or decompressed and click on OK.
    Compress a Folder or File-confirm_changes-jpg
    That's it,

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    Re: Compress a Folder or File

    my folders are allready in an uncompressed mode, yet its files are compressed.
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    Re: Compress a Folder or File

    Hello James, and welcome to Vista Forums.

    I'm not sure what you are wanting. The files may have been compressed separately, or when the folder was uncompressed, the contents (subfolders & files) were not selected to be uncompressed as well.
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Compress a Folder or File

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