How to Create a New E-mail Message to a Specified Contact's E-mail Address Shortcut

information   Information
This will show you how to create a New E-Mail Message shortcut that will open the New Message window of your default email program with a specified contact's email-address already in the To field in Vista and Windows 7.
Note   Note
This can be handy if you have a contact that you are always sending new email messages to.
EXAMPLE: New Message window from Windows Mail with a Contact's email address
New E-mail to a Common Contact Shortcut-new_message-jpg

Here's How:
1. Right click on a empty area of the desktop, and click on New and Shortcut.

2. Type mailto: plus the email address you want used for the shortcut into the location area, and click on the Next button. (see screenshot below)
NOTE: For example:
New E-mail to a Common Contact Shortcut-location-jpg
3. Type New E-mail to (Whoever) for the name, and click on the Finish button. (see screenshot below)
NOTE: You can name it anything you would like though.
New E-mail to a Common Contact Shortcut-name-jpg
4. You can now Pin to Taskbar (Windows 7 only) or Pin to Start Menu this shortcut, assign a keyboard shortcut to it, or move it where you like for easy use.
That's it,