How to Restore the Default Power Plan Settings in Vista

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This will show you how to reset and restore all of the default Power Plans back with their default settings, or how to restore a single Power Plan back to default settings in Vista.

EXAMPLE: Default Power Plans
Power Plan - Restore Default Settings-default-jpg
EXAMPLE: Missing Power Plans
NOTE: This is just an example of the power plans missing.
Power Plan - Restore Default Settings-problem-jpg


To Reset and Restore All Power Plans

NOTE: This can be handy if you have a missing default power plan and would like to restore it, or would like to reset all default power plans back to their default settings.
1. Open the Start Menu.

2. In the Start Menu search box, type cmd and press Enter.

3. In the command prompt, copy and paste the command below and press Enter. (See screenshot below)
powercfg -restoredefaultschemes
Power Plan - Restore Default Settings-cmd-jpg
4. Close the command prompt.


To Restore a Single Power Plan

NOTE: This will restore a single power plan that you select back to it's default settings.
1. Open the Control Panel (Classic View).

2. Click on the Power Options icon.

3. Click on the Change plan settings link to the right of the power plan that you want to restore the default settings for. (See screenshot below)
Power Plan - Restore Default Settings-step1-jpg
4. Click on the Restore default settings for this plan link. (See screenshot below)
Power Plan - Restore Default Settings-step2-jpg
A) Go to step 6.

5. Click on the Change advanced power settings link. (See screenshot above)
A) Click on the Restore plan defaults button. (See screenshot below)
Power Plan - Restore Default Settings-step3-jpg
6. Click on Yes to confirm. (See screenshot below)
NOTE: If you did step 5 instead of step 4, then click on OK. (See screenshot below step 5A)
Power Plan - Restore Default Settings-confirm-jpg
7. Close the Edit Plan Settings window. (See screenshot below step 4)
That's it,