I figure that some are having the same problems I ran into and now have fixed. With Xp there was no problem but when I loaded Vista the program went crazy. First no BD's would play at all. After getting this to work I found some BD (blue ray) movies played fine while others did not. The Audio went from DTS to 2 channel. There is a patch for fixing the some play and some don't. If I get an OK from a Mod I will post the downloads to make it easier. These are downloads from the Cyberlink's download site.
First is : CyberLink.4617_TaRe38_DVD080917-02_Normal
Second is : CyberLink.3613(EVR)_DVD071211-02
In that order. The very first thing I did was to uninstall and then reinstall the program Ultra 7 version 7.1 whcih then upgraded to version 7.3. I am useing the LG GGC-H20L Blue Ray DVD ROM which needed this LG-ODD.4407_HLDS_DVD080926-03
Now everything works perfectly. I hope this is some help for some.