Vista x64 Firewall

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    Re: Vista x64 Firewall

    Cool, sounds good!
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    Re: Vista x64 Firewall

    Quote Originally Posted by stevehaz_uk View Post
    Fortknox has proper application control, provision for advanced rules and other features you would expect in a proper FW. I have no issues with it.. been using for a week or two now.. perhaps Asky's testing will give us all abetter insight//
    Ya will do so this Weekend , still Testing out Comodo FW.
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    Re: Vista x64 Firewall

    Well Outpost firewall supports Vista x64, but I uninstalled it because it was slow opening up IE. Now, I rarely use IE, but I believe I saw a slight slowdown on FF as well and I use that all the time. I also installed Kaspersky Internet Security and while it's firewall isn't as streamlined as Outpost's, it seems to protect every bit as well with no slowdowns. I tested it at grc and it passed all tests save the ICMP Ping Echo Request test, which Outpost firewall failed as well, so if they test the same, I'll just use Kaspersky's.

    So Outpost is good, but I actually like Kaspersky's better because it seems to protect you just as good as Output but with no slowdowns. Are there any other sites that test firewalls out aside from GRC? I knew one but I forgot the URL. I tried to shut down the ICMP Ping Echo Request, but it still responded....and so did outpost. I'm starting to think that might be a Vista hole or something because I specifically told Outpost to deny any connections from an ICMP Ping and yet it still did it.
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    Re: Vista x64 Firewall

    anyone do anymore testing on the FortKnox firewall?

    zone alarm doesn't seem like its gonna make it to 64-bit (too many bugs in xp 32-bit as it least for the advanced rules...that and i always had a program error at shutdown on various PCs)
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    Re: Vista x64 Firewall

    I tried to install Outpost firewall for Vista x64, and the install was slow at best. Over ten minutes to get to the reboot option. Once rebooting, all I saw for the next hour was a black screen and a white mouse cursor. I gave up after an hour, rebooted to Safe Mode, removed Outpost, rebooted fine.

    Tried installing the current Outpost Firewall Beta, same issue, black screen. Never could see the login page. Went to bed, over 8 hours, woke up to a black screen still.
    Went to Safe Mode, and removed it, and haven't tried to install Outpost again.

    I have tested and used Agnitum products before and stood by them. I still run TauScan on an external portable drive using Ceedo, even though Tauscan is expired.

    I was really hoping to get Outpost Firewall to work in Vista x64. Have not tried Komodo yet. Trend Micro's version works, but not a fan of theirs, but works alongside Vista's built-in firewall.
    Still hoping that ZoneLabs will get their stuff together and get an x64 version out. Since they been bought out and are no longer the original coders, I can see why they are struggling with x64 versions.
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    Re: Vista x64 Firewall


    Quote Originally Posted by wilbur View Post
    Personally I would buy a router as it greatly deminishes the need for a resource hungry software firewall.
    I regularly test my Vista firewall and my router stops 99% of traffic before Vista's firewall has to do anything.
    A router is 45 and is soooooo much better.
    I have to agree with the comments above, as i am using a router to share my interent connection with my son.
    And i am also just using the Vista 64bit firewall behind it, and when i checked on the Shields Up website everything was set at Stealth.

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    Re: Vista x64 Firewall

    I'm using Comodo. Works great for me & it's free. Link here: Free Software List for Vista
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    Re: Vista x64 Firewall

    Wikipedia has a fantastic comparison of firewalls.

    Comparison of firewalls - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Vista x64 Firewall

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