2 Monitors listed in display settings


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if you dont have it there then its like having a second monitor but not switched on, the fact that you can take a screenshot and not have 2 desktops is meaning that its disabled, if you are afraid of it using resources up, then all you need to do is , right click desktop>nvidia control panel>manage 3d settings>multi display/mixed gpu aceleration menu and select single display performance mode. viola single display use only...

how to remove the 2nd monitor?
Got two monitors displayed but I only have one Dell (1280x1024 60hz)!
This gives me problem when trying to install win 8.1 from scratch as when PC reboos from dvd win 8.1installation disk, it wants to start from the 2nd monitor (800x600 60Hz) from the same Radeon x1300/x1550 card - BUT i do not have this monitor and have never had it!!??

Any advise please...? :)

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