2nd Office / 1 Modem

I have been tearing down the office to become a bedroom. It currently has my Century Link DSL Modem in it. The person moving into the office (bedroom) will need internet as will I in my new office.

If the single modem is left in its place for the new user, how can I get internet to the new office?

1) Do I need a second phone line and modem?

2) Is there a wireless box that will get me internet signal to a Ethernet connection on my PC?

3) Do I have to run an Ethernet cable from the existing modem to the new office?



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The answer lies in your modem but you don't need to get a second modem. If it has multiple ethernet ports then you can run one to the new office or if it has built in wireless then you can have your service provider activate it and use that for your connection. If it has neither you will need to get a wireless router. Your router will connect to your modem and your devices will connect to it. Without knowing anything else about your house or your setup there really isn't any more advise that we can offer you. If you don't know anything about networking it might be worth it to hire a professional to help.
It does have 4 ports, how long of an Ethernet run is acceptable?
It also has Wireless that we use for the WIFI on our phones.
The second office is a desktop without wireless capabilities,
what "box" is sold to convert a Wireless signal to an Ethernet connection?

It is a log home so running wires is difficult at best,
need to go out the wall, around the building and back in.

Thanks Bill