3rd Party Modded Bios for Acer 5102WLMi

I have an Acer 5102WLMi Notebook with 4GB RAM installed. Whenever I use the internal card reader with the upper 2GB of RAM installed the system Blue Screens. The card reader is completely stable with the upper 2GB removed and completely stable in Vista x32, which doesn't see the upper 2GB.

Previous responses to my posts and my own experiences have persuaded me to believe that this is a device memory mapping issue. In other words it appears that the card reader is sharing address space with the upper 2GB of RAM.

I would like to obtain a custom BIOS that provides device remapping capability. It is unlikely that Acer will ever provide such a feature in their BIOS releases and uncertain whether a later release will address the Blue Screen issue. Acer is also adamant that they will never support 64 bit OSs on this machine.

Do any of you power users know how to edit BIOs or know of a reputable 3rd party source who does? I've already tried "Mr. BIOS" and they don't want to touch it because my BIOS is only 6 weeks old. The technician I spoke with "Gene" wouldn't even discuss the idea of a rewrite. He appeared to be interested only in his agenda.

My machine is appx a year old now and I've seen the same model advertised on eBay for a fraction of what I paid for it. So, I plan to purchase one of these as a laboratory unit to experiment on. I've also found at least two sources that provide new BIOS chips, in case I "toast" the MB with a modded BIOS.

Thanks, John

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