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I have a problem about the shift delete. It has always been great, ever since wins 3.1 i have been using this command to skip the bin middlemen. I kinda remember that in xp and anything prior, you can set the files to be read only, and even if you mis shift delete some files, it will at least ask you yet once again: if you really want to delete this read only files?? Well may be i remembered wrong, but right now in vista, i have mistakenly delete important files on numerous times.

may i ask are there any ways to set some files to be "harder" to delete?? or at least warn you again with the name of those particular files( instead of telling you that the windows about to delete files you selected)??

I know this is a weird request, but i have so used to the shift delete, and i really hate the bin....

Thank you in advance for the helps. and thank you for taking time to read my thread.


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thanks, never knew the Recycle Bin can be twisted that way.
But the problem unsolved,(sorry...). it seems vista would just lazily ask you once if you want to delete the READ ONLY files, just like every other delete situation in vista, no matter if you set the files to be read only or any other kind of settings. and i am using a administrator accounts to do all these.

the other weird thing about vista is that when i was trying to set the FOLDER to read only, no matter how many times i tried, the tick in the read only box would return to a blue-filled box.

I guess my ultimate question, (if I may clarify.) can i set the files or folders to be conditional deletable, that is to manually set those files to be undeletable, unless specified otherwise??

thank your all your help yet again. look forwards for your reply.
thank you!!

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Im sorry, but although there may be a way, I do not know what it is.

Wish you all the best on your quest.

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