Access to PCs native SATA controller


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Hi Everyone
Use Vista HP 32 bit and have an issue which is possibly more hardware than Vista specific so apologies in advance if that’s the case:
Using a DELL XPS 420 which is about three years old and was preloaded with Vista.
I need to carry out a procedure to “flash and spoof” my xbox 360 (to play DVD back ups of legally acquired games) and this involves connecting the xbox 360 DVD drive to my PC etc etc. The process requires “access to your PCs native SATA controller”. This sounds like Serbo Croat to me but I understand that this is rarely the case so folk opt to use a specific PCI to SATA card which I have ordered.
I am also advised to disable the driver if using a VIA card.
Quite simply can someone advise me?
1. Is it likely with my kit and OS that I would have access to the native SATA controller? How would I check this?
2. I checked Device Manager and hardware for a VIA card but don’t seem to have one. Is the VIA card and the PCI to SATA card one and the same so wouldn’t be there until I Install the latter?
Apologies if this is a bit off topic but I am genuinely confused and confounded and am struggling to get responses on other forums.
Many thanks for your time.

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