Adding Windows Live Mail to the Set Default Programs List


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Welcome back Softshell. That will require modifying the registry. Brink wrote a tutorial about restoring Windows Mail to the list years ago, but there doesn't seem to be one for Live Mail, so here's an external link: Vista: Setting Windows Live Mail as Default « Practica Technical. I never tried it myself - in fact I never installed the optional Windows Live Essentials - so be sure to back up. (I assume you know you can make Live Mail the default mail program from its Options dialog?)

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Thanks for the information and Link. I do backup everything to an external drive.
I'm not too crazy about tinkering with the Registry, but the instructions in the link seem pretty straightforward. Windows Mail was my default program until I downloaded Live Essentials some time ago. On the ocassional times I open mail to send something directly from my scanner, which doesn't recognize Live Mail, I get the prompt to restore Mail to default.
Thanks again.

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