Admin account issues


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I have having trouble with some of my programs and so called Admin rights. A few programs, two being security programs, say I do not have full access to use all of the programs features as I am not logged in as an administrator. But I AM logged in as THE administartor and there is only one account on the computer it's self....mine.

Please let me know what you need to know to help me trouble shoot this issue.

The two security programs are AVG antivirus and Spy Bot. I also am using Spysweeper as my main security feature. Each program was turned off while the other one was running and I made sure all the resident shields were not installed/turn on to prevent any issues except for Spysweepers. I had a torjan to remove, and now just use them to run antivirus/spyware scans.

Set Up: Vista home premium, sony vaio laptop

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