Adobe Flash Player Won't Update/Install

For the first time since I've had my Windows Vista OS (since 2008), I cannot update Adobe Flash. After clicking on the Flash exe download for the update and then it gets to about 50% completion, I get the following window:


After clicking Finish, it opens up my browser, and I get this page (message):


I know that Windows Vista is not supported anymore by Microsoft, but the Flash Player installation page, when checking the System Requirements, does include Windows Vista 32-bit (my version). Any suggestions? Thank you.


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What browser are you using?

How do you get the update...that is, do you let Adobe check for updates and notify you?

Did you follow any of the troubleshooting links?

For my system, I manually download and install the Firefox plugin.
In fact, I did it just now for Vista, and it installed without any problems.
I also do not use the "get adobe flashplayer" site...that site downloads a download manager, which in turn downloads the actual plugin. Who really needs a download manager these days?
Instead, for a direct link, go to Adobe Flash Player which lists the Adobe direct links to the full install file. This file is clean with no optional unwanted crapware.

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Thanks for the help. That download worked. Yes, I always select the option to have Adobe check for updates and notify me. That link you gave me is specifically for Version If I need to download the Flash Player directly in the future (newer version) because I'm having the same issue, would I be able to find it on where this download is from?

Also, while I'm at it, I have new issue which just started about a week ago which I would like to ask you about. Since I've had this machine and O.S. (2008), this is a first too. In about 85% - 95% of the time, when I leave my computer idle for a few hours and come back, everything is frozen. Ctrl + Alt + Dlt doesn't even work. The only way I can get out of it is if I unplug the power cord from the back of the machine, then plug it back in, and hit the power button to start it again. Of course at this point I get the black screen which asks me if I want to start Windows normally or go into Safe Mode, etc. It's starting to get old, and I need to find a resolution.

I've done a full system scan with Malwarebytes, and it found nothing. The next step I was going to do along those lines was to perform a full system scan with Nortons, because from my experience, sometimes malware is found between the two full-system scans, when one of the anti-malware/virus programs doesn't catch it. It might not even be related to malware, IDK, so that's why I'm asking now. Just wondering what you suggest as the next troubleshooting step. Thank you again for your help.

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Glad that link and file worked for you.
In the future, for new Flashplayer versions (or even old versions), when you get to the neowin main page, just search for "flashplayer". A page with the current and also previous versions will be displayed.
Until a few months ago, there were links for current and previous versions on the Adobe site. Unfortunately they have discontinued that resource, so I'm happy to have found active links on neowin.

I'm not sure about your other problem. It seems like your computer goes to "sleep" after a time, which is normal, but it doesn't "wake up". I suppose you change the settings to "don't go to sleep". Otherwise there seem to be a lot of results for that problem when I search the interweb. Your issue might get more attention if you start a new topic, maybe in the General Discussion section.

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Yes, thank you, I'm glad it worked too. And Ok, I will definitely save the information to visit the home page and search if I need updated versions later.

With my other freezing issue, I do not have the 'Sleep' setting activated (I've never have on this machine). The only thing that goes to sleep is the monitor itself, which wakes up immediately with no problem. And Ok, I was planning on posting it in the General Discussion section anyway, but I thought I'd ask you first. I will do that now. Thanks again.

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