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Advanced search

In XP you used to be able to do and advanced search where you could also search for text inside the files, is that still possible in vista? (in other words if you were searching for a letter that had the text in it "dear Mr. Smith" you could put "dear Mr. Smith" in the advance search, and it would find the document)


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Hi Funky Keyboard and welcome to the forums :party:

This is quite easy to do. Click the start orb and in the box marked 'Start Search', simply type in the phrase you are looking for. As you are typing, a list of matches will appear above, and will alter as you are typing. All you need to do is to click on the appropriate item in the list and the document will open in the current default program for its type. You can also start programs in this way as well.


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Try this

ControlPanel>Classic View>FolderOptions>Search Tab


check the appropriate boxes and tick use natural language search , Apply, OK

Hope that helps