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I need help forming an outbound rule for the firewall in vista home premium 32 bit. I am using Windows Mail, and the Windows firewall, and Norton internet security 2008. I don't use the Norton Firewall.

I have turned on the outbound firewall and have been creating rules for Firefox, Skype etc. this works ok. But Windows Mail is being blocked, because the virus scanner in Norton is not allowed to proceed. After creating a rule for Windows Mail, if I turn off Email scanning in Norton, then the mail connects thru the firewall ok.

My principle problem , and what I seek advice on, is that I cannot figure out which Norton program or service to allow in a rule. Norton has hidden itself pretty well. This is all for the outbound firewall protection, not inbound. So I would appreciate someone to give me some step by step advise on creating such a rule.

I want to keep using the Windows Firewall.

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It will be an .exe file in the norton programs file. You need to create a rule to allow the Liveupdate application to outbound connect through the firewall.

The best way to figure out what programs need outbound connection access is to open up Windows Defender, and look at the programs under the software explorer, and then check the file path for its location.

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