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Age of Empires 3 Won't Work


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Now, now. I did read a few threads on the site hoping to get some answers, but I got nothing. No matter what I do, it won't work. >.<
I have Vista 64bit SP1, and I installed the 1.12 patch (restarted as well)--but I still can't play AoE3. A Microsoft Windows pops-up saying, "Protection Stub has stopped working."
What do I do? How do I get it to work? Age of Empires 2 works, why doesn't this one? o.O QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!! XD

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Hi yarow12
have u tryied the google way..? :P
[try the solution here and let us know if that make any difference for you.
i've also found the same problem in another thread, here on the same forum.
many times the search button helps you more than opening a new thread.
excuse me for my bad english.
goodbye :)

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    I need to work on my english..

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