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I would try a HyperV forum. There might be something you need to do for a conversion to a different version.

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am trying to get an old (Vista VM) working but its giving fits
It was created by using hyper V but the old win 7 version.
Kari is the Hyper-V guru. This article of his on moving an XP Mode VM from Win7 to Win10's Hyper-V may give some hints...
Win10.guru | Import Windows XP Mode from Win 7

As for running Vista as a W10 Hyper-V VM, I briefly had x86 Vista running successfully in W10 Hyper-V as one step in upgrading from XP to W10.
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    various, from XP to W10
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    W10 Host machine running Hyper-V


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The win 10 HyperV keeps crashing.
Potential issues: (1) Newer Intel processors (Haswell and above) do not support Vista, (2) NVidia drivers no longer support Vista, and (3) Vista predated USB 3.0. Vista is best run on old hardware. Isn’t Windows 7 old enough for use in 2021? It’s possible to make Win7 look just like Vista, and you could even install obsolete browsers on Win7 if you want the Vista experience.

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