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"... an error prevents Slide Show" from running in e-mail


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I've reviewed and even tried a couple of the suggestions posted for ".... an error prevents this Slide Show ...." -- most deal with the "Screen Saver" situation, however, mine involves slide shows sent to me via my Yahoo e-mail address. I never had a problem viewing slide shows or pix of any kind, now, when I hit the "start" button on the slide show nothing happens. Does anyone have any suggestions? Again, I don't want to "Screen Save" anything, just run them in my e-mail as forwarded to me by friends/work.

Also, I don't know if the two problems are related, but I cannot "print" e-mails from my Yahoo.com mail either....unless I unplug the printer (also HP) for 15 seconds or so, then re-plug -- what happened? I have no problems printing from our AOL or ATT.net accounts. Thanks for any suggestions!

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