Another HP Printer Driver issue...


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I have a new ASUS laptop (Vista32) I carry it back and forth, at home I use a HP F4180 at work I use HP OfficeJet 5600, both latest USB drivers neither will print. I've un-installed, cleaned and reinstalled. Same results. Perhaps HP is the wrong print to own. Any suggestions?:mad:


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I've tried drivers no results, I've gone as far totally reformat and restore my laptop. It will print through a wireless link (thru a host PC), but not directly.
I'm gonna try a lexmark printer to see if something changes.


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I have found that everytime I disconnect the USB cable from my old HP Laserjet 4 printer, Vista goes around trying to install the drivers and I usually loose capability to print. This is for sure an annoying thing that I have been able to fix so it stops doing it but, I have been able to work around the problem by going into the properties of the printer and moving the USB port that Vista gives it to another one until it finds the correct one.

Either that or uninstall (delete) the printer, unplug it from the pc, reboot and reinstall again, this fixes the problem as well.

Again, this works for me but I sure would love to find a fix or understand why Vista does that... XP doesn't have a problem when I unplug USB cables.