ASRock A-Live XFire e-sata2 sound issues


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This is my first Asrock mobo, that I got from a buddy of mine, and it's a very nice mobo so far. But, I'm actually having one problem with it though. The sound is nothing but static since I've installed vista sp1. And whenever I try to use something like a media player or anything that has sound, it crashes on me then the whole system crashes on me. It only does it under SP1 too.

Here's the system.
ASRock A-Live XFire e-sata2
AMD 5200 x2 AM2
4gb ddr2 800
EVGA Geforce 9800GTX+
Vista x64 home premium.

Anything I can do? I've tried updating vista to its latest, and reinstalled it already, and also tried new drivers for the realtek

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