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ASUS Recovery DVD taking a long time to install

So basically it takes 4 hours to install it completely. It used to take 45 minutes to install. I've install it maybe 10 times as I have been switching to Windows and Linux back and forth on the same computer. Is there a way to get another one or fix it? I don't know if anyone can help me with this but I thought I could try.


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Did you notice which part of the installation process takes more time than it should? BTW, if you want to run Vista and Ubuntu togetger, use vBox virtual partition. I run Vista as host with either Windows7 or Ubuntu as guest. That takes only a couple of minutes to boot. Here are some "How To" instructions: Tutorial: How to install Windows7 in a Virtual Partition « How-To Geek Forums And although I use the W7 example, the procedure for Ubuntu is the same.
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On the recovery disk what happens normally is I insert disk 1 and it pops up a bunch of windows asking what I want to do. After that it installs and the disk pops out. I am told to insert the driver disc. That goes into a Command Prompt type window and that's what takes 4 hours.


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Did you install any new hardware recently - especially a new disk, keyboard, mouse? During an installation you should anyhow unplug all external devices other than mouse and keyboard.
You know what? I did have a USB Mouse plugged in when I installed it. I just got it about a month ago but never installed Vista with it and I have it plugged in with AC Power Adapter. Could that be what caused it?
For comparison, I did the same thing on an HP Mediacenter PC and it took over 8 hours (!) to do the full restoration. Seemed an awfully long time to format a drive, expand an archive from CD, and write the contents to the drive.