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Audio Service not enabled and files disappeared?

Hi everyone,

Would be really grateful if anyone can shed any light on what's happening to my laptop...

Have had problems with the audio for a while, it says it's working but there isn't any sound. Tried updating drivers etc but didn't make a difference. Sometimes the audio worked perfectly so it was just a case of restarting the laptop until it did.

However, I've switched the computer on today and all my files had 'disappeared' and it the OS appears as a hybrid version of an old Windows (circa 95) and Vista. I am able to access the files via Local Disc - Users - Documents but not if I go directly to Documents. I presume this means a problem with Administrator settings?

Also, the volume isn't working but now says the Audio Service is not enabled.

As far as I'm aware I dont' have a virus but am running Malware at the moment. I will post this is in the general forum as well as I'm not sure if the audio problem is linked to the files disappearing. Any advice is very welcome and much appreciated!

Thanks for reading.

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