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Auto Detect (Analog Input). Cannot Display This Video Mode

I've been using a DELL SE198WFP monitor for two years. It's been running fine on its native resolution of 1440x900 until a day ago. This resolution disappeared recently.

I have done nothing out of ordinary these past few days (Unless you count plugging in a newly-bought USB hubman.) so I have no clue how or why this happened.

I am currently using a resolution of 1152x864, which I would have no problem with, except that now I am unable to play most of my MMOs.

When I run a game, the screen turns black and there is a message saying, "1 : Auto Detect (Analog Input). Cannot Display This Video Mode." I have tried most of the other resolutions that my monitor was capable of displaying, but I kept receiving the same message.

So far, I've tried:
-System restoring.
-Installing the monitor driver from the website.

How do I convince my computer that my monitor is an LCD widescreen and not a generic non-pnp monitor?

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Try the following:

1) Unplug the Cable from the back of the monitor and check if you can see window moving across the screen
(Self Test for the monitor)

2) Try to re-install the video drivers.

The monitor drivers are not much of a use, still good you re-installed them.

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