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Hi there,

I have recently been employed as system administrator for a small firm.

Most all of the machines run Windows Vista installed in Swedish.

Sometimes the users come to me with error messages that they have received on their screens. These messages, however, are in Swedish, which make it difficult to troubleshoot by posting the error message online in Microsoft related forums.

I was thinking maybe MS has some sort of automatic translation of these messages to facilitate international information exchange between sysadmins and other tech experts. I.e. I would like to take an error code or something from the message, type it into Google and then find the English translation of the error message.

Please provide advice.

Kind regards



Hello, and welcome to the Vista Forums!

I am not sure if this is exactly what you want. If it is not, then by all means ask me again! Error coded have very specific meanings in all languages, and very specific translations. To look up the official translation, it is in winerror.h. System Error codes can be looked up: System Error Codes (Windows)

However, not all error codes are System Error Codes. It would often be better to use a tool to extract them from winerror.h. This will work with Windows Update HRESULTS, System Error codes, and more. This is the best way, and it is much faster. Just put in the error code, get out the error message, the official translation that everyone in the world with an English computer sees. Also, it should work the other way around, getting the Sweedish translation out of winerror.h for that computer. It is made by our very own member here. Very bottom of this page for download: FavesSoft Windows Utilities

Made by member "MilesAhead":

I really hope this helps. Tell me if this is not quite what you meant. Do tell me if I did misunderstand.


P.S. Congratulations on the new job!
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