Solved AVG Removal tool?

I want to remove AVG since it tries to update itself sometimes, and I just have the link scanner component and a few others. I tried using AVG Uninstall Manager, only to be advertised with AVG Internet Security or something like that, and nothing happens after. I tried uninstalling with the regular uninstaller, but it just removed the AV component and left LinkScanner.

I checked the in-program help for uninstallation of AVG. I found an AVG removal tool link, but it dosen't work. So is there a tool I can use to remove it?

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Hello, in addition to Lottie's most excellent post, you may have to try free of revouninstaller, if you decide to use it, when you have it open and have selected to uninstall that avg program, choose advanced mode and it will pick up remaining items left in registry as well as program folder files.
Thanks for your help guys. I've clicked both of your scales.

Do I need the text files that the remover created after it removed AVG? It's basicly just a log of what the cmd console did.


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Once removed you do not need the files. Wait a while before you delete to make sure there are no problems
Go to search and type cmd
in cmd type driverquery. Make sure you do not see any driver with avg in the name.
Give particular attention to this one