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Hi all, my PC crashed last week, now I'm a laptop owner and brand new to Vista, so I'm also a newbie to the forum.
Firstly, after briefly scanning the forum topics I'm a little over whelmed by the techinical flavour of the forums in general and wonder if my basic questions will still be ok (insert non-geek icon )
I have a couple of basic questions which may already appear somewhere... but just where... ? perhaps someone might direct me.
Anyway here goes:

1 how do I view an icon or picture when browsing that has been replaced with that little red cross inside a tiny black box... some kind of restrictive browsing setting, but I'm unable to find the option to correct this. (I will need very specific navigation instructions...:o)
2 what is Blue tooth ? :o:o:o
3 my Vista Business Windows media player won't play my DVDs as installed, whats the simplest way for me to be able to play them?
I have more real hard ones like these but thats enough for you guys to work out right now :)

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mmm putting it one way, bluetooth is a networked wireless hardware protocol, any device can connect and comunicate freely to another bluetooth device once a key/id and permission has been set.
some versions of vista business dont have the correct codecs for decoding dvd, you,ll need mpeg-2 installed, try divx player or vlc player for example.

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