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Better connection ?

Hi a few weeks ago when the virgin media woman tested my connection, she was controlling my pc to help me it said on speedtest.net 8mb now it's round about 2mb or less, how do i get a better connection again..

Im using a virgin media superhub connected to a Netgear router, my superhub router mode has been turned of so i can just use my own router.

Router was about £90.00-£110.00

Anyhelp please ? :D

Thanks in advance !


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Connection really depends on where AND when you connect. I can test 2 different servers and get 2 vastly different speeds, both same distance approximately.
Very close

These next 3 about the same distance away

These 2 are same city, different test servers
Ping /ms, jitter ??

Anyone know how i can get my ping better im using a superhub an a netgear router !
Any methods or tips you can give me please because most of my games are extrememly laggy since installing this superhub..

Im using a wired connection from the superhub to my own router then into the computer. :)

Thanks in advance !


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Unless you are identical situation, you may not ever get the 7mbps. As i showed. I get 7mpbs differences in my test mere seconds apart.

Most things you are trying to "fix" are not on your side.. You never even showed your ping, under 25~30 is not bad.

Have you tried directly from the superhub? Have you rebooted both? Are you d/l updates?

Internet speed is the slowest peice of many parts.