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Big Fish Gaming

--- I have had Windows XP Pro and used it for years. My processor died a complete death and my pc service man convinced me that Vista was very good. I do not question that. My question is why Big Fish Games do not come in as they did with XP. They come in about 3/4 page and cannot be maximized. They can but you have a small game and the rest is filled with blank space. I have tried changing the resolution but that has everything off the screen and have to figure out how to get it back. Another problem I purchased Majhong Towers II from Big Fish and have reinstalled it BUT it isn't right either. I have been online with Big Fish and had full cooperation from them and they have not been able to fix it. I have been online with Acer and they can't help. Both say it is a Vista thing.
Hi Tonysmom,

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It sounds like the resolution on your PC is too high for the games. Try this:

Right click on the desktop and choose Personalize. Then choose "Display Settings" at the bottom of the page. The display properties window appears and on the left is a bar you can drag from left to right. If it is not set to 800x600 then try moving the bar to the left to set it to 800x600 then click OK. Then try your games. Let us know please. Thanks



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Do you have a wide screen monitor? If you do, there may be settings in your display adapter to stretch everything to fill the screen.
Changing the resolutions for some reason is not working. I have been able to change it before and the low resolution put everything off the screen. My monitor is 19".


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It sounds like you have the game set to run in a windowed mode - see if the game settings allow you to change that from windowed to full screen mode.