Blue Screens, Drivers and Fault Bucket


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My computer is a Microsoft Vista Home Premium,32,Service Pack 2 with AMD Athlon Dual Core Processors. It is my first computer. I have developed repeated blue screens, most of a general nature, some mentioning drivers. In my Problem Report section, it tells me there is a driver problem. I have followed each of HP steps to try to remedy the problem. This includes multiple hours on the phone with HPtech support, including a full recovery. When I was directed to the Event Viewer and followed some steps, I obtained a faault bucket, which is:Oxc4_E5_VRF-TfFsMon+65d5+IDI+Oea13dbf-O. When I came to Microsoft Knowledgebases, I expected to find a table to which I could match my fault bucket and finally determine what is the problem with drivers and/or which driver is problematic. I can nothing like that.
Can anyone intrepret the code or refer me to some reference that would allow me to do so? Thank you for your time and willingness to help.

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