Bluetooth Dongle doesn't detect devices (SP2)

Mr Monday

Hi together!

I bought a bluetooth dongle from Speedlink "VIAS Bluetooth USB Adapter".
It implements Bluetooth V2.1+EDR, but that should be backwards compatible.

It is working on Windows 7 and on Linux 3.7, but on Vista (i have SP2), the pc is unable to detect any devices.

First of all the cover of the dongle says that it is "certified for Vista". Windows actually recognizes it and installes the standard bluetooth drivers. The manual confirms that only Microsoft drivers are needed.

So the drivers are installing with no problems, but i can't detect any devices. (I tried my phone, the wiimote, all these things work on the other platforms)

I tried reinstalling the drivers and rebooting a lot of times,but it didn't helped.
I tried writing an e-mail to the manufacturer, but there was no response since the 28th July.

Under "services", the service "bluetooth support service" is running.

I found out that the dongle does not search for devices. I observed this on the Windows 7 pc. When the dongle searches for devices, the LED stays red (which is happening on Windows 7) but on Vista the LED is only flashing.

Has somebody an idea?
Thank you :)
Hi. I would like to assist you. Please post the device status from device manager as a photo, and the Hardware ID so i can try to find a fix.

If you need to know how to do that, let me know
No problem! That is everything. Is there a message on the general tab under device managers properties?

i will try to find a similar driver for a similar dongle, (same chip manufacturer for the chip inside the dongle) and change out some of the driver coding. I will need some time. It would help to know the manufacturer and the model number of the card

Mr Monday

SpeedLink is the manufacturer. I am not sure but I think SL-7409-BK is the model number. (When you google it you should get the dongle)
Hello, after trying a bit I found out that it appears to be the install of Vista at fault here. I would recomment reinstalling your OS. If you need help with that, let me know.