Bluetooth dongle not recognised - maybe driver problem?

Hello again. Yes I'm still here. I have a life as well :-)

I tried the sfc/scannow option again, but got the same result:

Verification 100% complete
Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them.

So I'm not sure if scannow actually achieves anything on my computer as it doesn't seem to be able to fix any errors. Can this scan be performed in windows as well?

I sort of inherited this laptop; it was my dad's, & he died 4 years ago, but it was fairly new then, I think it was bought from Dell in January 2010. It may have the original discs, I'm not sure, if it did would that be useful?

Also, I don't know if I did anything to change this, but (I may have mentioned this in an earlier post) when I insert the bluetooth dongle nothing happens, even if I switch off & on. I haven't yet tried to reinstall the IVT software again, as I thought the system would prompt me again to find the driver. In Device Manager there are no black exclamation marks on yellow. If I view - show hidden devices, it adds Non-Plug and Play Drivers. Clicking on this entry shows there are 48 of these (which seems a lot to me), including one called NETBT, could that be something to do with bluetooth? Show hidden devices also shows Storage volume shadow copies which has 2 entries. I'm discovering things about my computer I never knew were there!
I was also hoping I might be able to do a system restore, to go back to a time when my bluetooth driver was working, but it doesn't seem to be set up. Or maybe it is, how would I know?



Your reinstall anion disks from Dell would be helpful. If the restore points aren't listed in system restore, then they don't exist. If you need help, I can guide you through backing up your data, reinstalling your operating system, and restoring your data onto the computer. It is very likely that the only way to fix the errors in the sfc /scannow is towing the hard drive and resins tall the original operating system. Once again, I can guide you.

Hope this Helps
Thanks. I'll have a search to see if I have the original CDs or DVDs somewhere. I wonder would they be from Microsoft or would they be from Dell. I know there are some Dell CDs somewhere. I'll have to think where did I put them?! I'll get a flash stick ready for anything personal or important, or maybe I'll see if I have room on Google drive for it all. If I don't I can probably start a new email address and use that to store stuff for the time being.
If Vista was the OS on the PC when you got it from Dell, then the Dell disks are needed. If the computer didn't have Vista when you got it, the Microsoft disks are needed. The exact model number would be useful as well. This can be found on above the keyboard, and on the bottom.