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Problem-Bluetooth Dongle Not working.

I have a Lenovo-Q200-Vista 32bit Home Premium-Desktop

I wanted to connect my pc to my Mobile.

What I did?

1)In my mobile Phone (Android 5.1)-Enabled Bluetooth from settings (Made it on). Now it
"-Name of mobile- is visible to nearby devices while bluetooth settings is open"
Bluetooth icon has come in the mobile.

2)Bought a cheap-Non-branded Made in China-Bluetooth USB Dongle from ebay and plugged into
my PC. Red LED lighted up in the Dongle (No driver software was provided!!!)

Drivers installed automatically (Microsoft generic bluetooth drivers). Bluetooth icon
came up in Notifications area (Lower right hand corner).

Under Device manager-Bluetooth driver got installed and 2 entries cameup.(Generic Bluetooth
radio and Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator). Also under Network Adapters 2 Bluetooth entries
has come up. All are showing "The device is working properly" under their properties

3)When I tried to add device (My mobile) to my pc thru Bluetooth, it is not showing up.
No errors anywhere. My PC is also not shown in my mobile.

Now What I did?
1)Uninstalled drivers under device manager,Rebooted, PC installed drivers automatically
No improvements.
2)Got another dongle from my friend for half-a-day. It is working in his home with his
Desktop which has Windows XP. The same thing happens with that in my PC though.
3)I have installed Windows 10-Evalution edition in another partition in my PC. Same thing
there also.

Error: Under Bluetooth settings->options tab-> Discovery-> If I ticked "Allow bluetooth
devices to find this computer", PC says " An Error occured while windows was saving your
settings. The Bluetooth device might be unplugged."

When I don't have a driver software, Do I have any other options to make this dongle up?

Any response will be appreciated.

R Balaji


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Forgot to mention.
1)My friend's dongle is also non-branded made-in-china with no drivers.
2)I have re-installed my OS-Vista and tried also.