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Bluetooth Driver for Nokia mobile phone


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I hope somebody could enlighten me what the problem might be with my bluetooth communication. I have an x64 Business Edition of Vista on my ThinkPad x61 and my mobile phone is Nokia N95.

When I attempt to connect the two via bluetooth, vista attempts to install a bluetooth driver but fails to do so and claims it cannot find one, even as I allow it to browse automatically for it.

Is it possible that the problem is caused by the fact that Nokia hasn't released a 64-bit compatible driver (I'm guessing here)?

Another guess: Could the integrated ThinkVantage software (IBM) have an interfering effect?

I've downloaded every update available for a)Vista, b)PC Suite(Nokia software, c)ThinkVantage and d)Firmware for my mobile.

Thank you.


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Hi Helgi make sure you are using the latest version of Nokia PC Suite if your computer can not then find and install the driver tell it to look in C:\Windows\System32
I am on Vista Ultima X64 and this worked for me hope it helps you


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