Boot failure after cloning HDD to SSD (no IDE device found; Operating sys not found)


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Background: clone the entire contents of the HDD to a SSD with the aim to replace the HDD, including the OS.

After having cloned a HDD with Windows 7 laptop to a SDD successfully, and replaced the HDD with the SDD, resulted in a smooth boot exactly the the same procedure failed with a 2007 laptop Vista 32bit.

Procedure with support of the guidelines of the SSD Vendor (Sandisk):
1. Initialize SSD
2. Clone the entire HDD to the SSD
3. Replace the HDD with the SSD
4. Start the laptop.
5a. Result with a Win 7 laptop: OK
5b. Result with a Vista 32bit laptop: failed

Failure with Vista (I'm not that technical):

The BIOS indicates: no IDE device found.
When starting up, the message 'Operation System not found' appears

A major difference between the Win 7 and Vista laptop is the transfer mode of the (former) HDD and the new SSD: Win 7 had a SATA 300 installed, while the Vista has a SATA 150. The SSD is SATA 600.

What I did?
1) I created a ISO Vista 32bit file to get the laptop into the repair mode. This repair mode does not recognize a drive c: (checking out with the installed DOS).
So, i'm turning in circles. There is no way to get the internal SSD recognized.

2) When connecting the new SSD drive with USB to check the SSD status with the Computer Management/Disk Management tool, this is displayed:
  • The internal HDD (containing the system) shows: Healty (Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition).
  • The USB connected SSD shows: Healty (Active, Primary Partition). Further, the SSD can be successfully explored.

How can I get the internal SSD active, identical to the original HDD with Vista?

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Re: Boot failure after cloning HDD to SSD (no IDE device found; Operating sys not fou

Try using the first sata port. See your manufacturer's documentation on which one that is.

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