Bypassing Log-in Passwords to Access Folders on Drive

Bypassing Log-in Passwords to Access Folders on Drive
This Tutorial will show how to bypass passwords to access files and folders.
Bypassing Log-in Passwords to Access Folders on Drive

Download Simply MEPIS 3.3 here:
> Download MEPIS - LQ ISO

note- this may not work If the Hard drive is SATA as it will require the loading of the SATA driver. (see other method below)

Burn it to CD as an ISO image (ISO is a disk image. for free ISO image burning software):​
Note   Note
To burn ISO right click downloaded ISO file and option to burn ISO image will be available with the above software. Nero users will find ISO image burning as program feature, and can add the downloaded file for burning.
Boot from the CD drive, put Linux CD in drive and boot. It will run Simply MEPIS from the CD, but it will not install​
Sign in as: root, password: root​
Allows Access to non-encrypted files/folders on drive.​
Another method to recover data on a non-bootable (i.e., forgotten Password) /corrupted Volume:
note- overwritten data, and data that is corrupted may not be recoverable.

This method will require a O/S DVD or CD, or recovery disk.

Paragon Partitioner

related link
For walkthrough on "dual booting" and using the Partitioner see: Dual Boot using free partitioning software

Use this free bootable partitioner, and create a new volume on the drive, re-install Your O/S into this, and then merely boot into the new O/S (which will most likely be defaut C: drive, and retrieve and backup the data on the corrupted drive (usually the D: drive).

Now that the data has been backed up/recovered, you can re-install the O/S if you Choose. Simply boot into the O/S disk again, or use the partitioner to DELETE all HDD partitions, format, and then re-install.


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