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I've got a couple different CAC readers which I'd use to access various USAF web pages; however, I can't get Vista 64 to actually install them. I plug in the reader and Vista can't find the drivers. I have a disk with the drivers, and even when I guide Vista to the exact location of the driver folder, it claims there are no drivers and cannot install. Anybody had any luck getting Vista 64 to install smart card reader drivers? Thanks!

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Hello msdunkel,
i dont have anything to do with smart cards but i found this on another site, i dont know if it will solve your problem but give it a go, would you please post your results, good luck.

Something new with Vista... It operates a lot like Windows Server 2003/2008. To get the card reader going you should go to the "Control Panel", "Administrative Tools", "Services" and scroll down to "Smart Card". Make sure that it is started. Set it to "Automatic" in it's properties. Smart card use is not always automatic granted for users in Server or Vista

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Thanks for the attempt, but the answer above is related to a smart card reader that is not reading cards, not a smart card reader the computer refuses to load drivers for.

I have Vista 64 and SP 2 installed. When I plug the smart card reader into the computer I get the dialog box that states I have new hardware, and need to install drivers. The problem is the computer is being extremely stupid once this happens. It will not automatically install the drivers. When I put the manufacturer disk in, it claims there are no drivers. When I manually show my stupid computer exactly where the correct drivers are, it tells me there are no drivers.

Anybody have any other ideas, I'm quite frustrated right now. The base help desk is incompetent beyond a joke so no help from that angle.


EDIT: I saw a post in another thread that said hit "F8" to disable driver signing at start up. I tried that and the computer asked me what my boot order was, no questions about driver signing. If that's a viable option, is there another way to disable driver signing?
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