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Camcorder Computer Connection! Please Help!


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Hey, I have Vista Home Premium 64-bit, and I purchased a PV-GS320 Panasonic camcorder. It has a firewire port and a USB, the camera is a MiniDV. Is there anyway to get the video onto my computer? When I plug it in (both USB and FireWire), nothing happens. The instructions say to use one of the programs the camcorder came with, but it doesn't support my OS. Any suggestions? Pleassssseeeeeeeeee help, I really need this to work!!!!!!!!

EDIT: My system, I built it, here's the core components:
AMD X2 4200+ Processor
XFX GeForce 7600GT
nForce 590 Mobo

How could I check to see if FireWire is enabled in BIOS? Thanks mucho.
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Hey, I to had the same problem with my pv-gs320. What I did was load the usb driver (not the editing software) from the disk. reboot and use windows movie maker to upload in AVI or there is two more options. No problems after that. Quick and easy fix for a PV-GS320 and vista to work together!!!! Hope this helps.

P.S. - vista will not support firewire and PV-GS320!

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