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Can a disk get a virus

For instance if I went to Best Buy and bought a computer game and installed and played it on a computer with TONS of viruses, THEN I got a brand new computer and downloaded and installed that SAME game on my new computer- could I get the same viruses on the new one?
No, DVD's and CD's you buy (with content on them, eg. games or music) are read-only, it is only possible to read information from them. You can buy special CD's and DVD's that are re-writable, but you would have to write the content to the DVD again and the virus, and then you would have to launch the virus from the cd.
If the CD or DVD has been finallized, and it would have to be for your computer to read a commercial you have bought, it wont get a virus on it later.

However, there has been instances in the past where commercial games have been shipped with viruses on the cd because the game company's network was compromised, disgruntled employee, etc.


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Hello Nate,

Just be sure that you only use the ORIGINAL disk not any form of copy that your friend may have made for you - a copy could have become infected when it was written