Can I use my computer as a bluetooth speaker?


Hi all,

I have a bluetooth audio transmitter which plugs in to a 3.5mm headphone jack of any audio device and is designed to transmit the sound to bluetooth headsets/speakers. I can get it to pair and connect automatically to my bluetooth headset and also an in-car bluetooth speaker (motorola t505) without any problem. However, I would like to be able to stream the audio from this device into my PC. However, I cannot get this device to be recognised when I try and pair/connect it to my PC. I am using a usb bluetooth dongle in my computer (no built in bluetooth) which uses the IVT Bluesoleil software/drivers.

Should it possible to use such a device in this way and if so, is it perhaps some sort of driver issue?

p.s I have also tried with a win 8.1 tablet and also an android tablet (both with built -in bluetooth) and cannot get it to be recognised by those either.

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Hi All,

Quick Update : I have now managed to pair this device with my PC and it is showing up as a HiFi Audio Device. However, I still cannot seem to connect to it once paired and when I do a search for services, it reports 0 services found. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks.

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I would just use the in-line jack on the PC - line-in or microphone socket & forget about the complicated bluetooth stuff.

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