Can not connect to the internet via cable..


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Hello guys, i can't connect to the internet via cable! there's no lan cable icon even, i downloaded all the hardwares that are for this cause! from the hp website and installed them, but still nothing have been changed. i even re-installed it from the recovery manager and restared, but still no icon and when i plug in the cable nothing happens. i realy need ur help guys i dono whats the problem. i was using the cable before i restared and it was working good!

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Click start
Click Control Panel
Click Network and Internet
Click Network and Sharing Centre
Click Manage Network Connections
You should see something like this:~

Above you see Local Area Connections
Right click on it and click on enable...
If that don't help let us know...;)


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Have you checked device manager to make sure that the network adapter has not some how become disabled in there?

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Ok Right click on
Realtek RTL8101 in Network adapters,
Click on Uninstall

Then right click on Network adapters
click on scan for hardware changes and the adapter should reaplly itself.
Now go back to Network connections the adapter should now present itself.
Click on enable and you should have a connection at this point....