Can not open Microsoft Word documents


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Okay, so you know my system details: I have a Dell Studio XPS 16 laptop with Vista Home Premium 64-bit on it and McAfee Security Center. Now the problem,

When I first got my laptop and installed Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 on it, Word worked more or less fine. One thing that was kinda weird from the beginning was the fact that sometimes and error message dialog box would pop up when I would double-click a word document to open that said something to the effect of "can not find file" on it. I found that if I already had Microsoft Word open, that the word document would immediately open on the first double-click.

Now Microsoft Word won't allow me to open any word documents. I have tried double clicking them, Ctrl+O, and even selecting Open after pressing the Office button- but nothing will work. Every time I try to open a word document, Microsoft Word freezes. Strangely enough, I just discovered that I can open documents that are in the recently open documents that pop up whenever you place the cursor over the Open selection in the Office button- but other than that nada.

I have run diagnostics (no errors were found), done a repair to no avail. When I reinstalled Office, it basically returned to the original problem of just not opening documents by double-clicking. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do? Is this a problem with Office 2007 not being completely compatible with x64? Is there some upgrade to fix this?

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