Can`t change input language after login


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I have recently updated to Service Pack 1 for Vista Home Premium 32.

I can no longer change the input language while I am working with my user. I can see the language bar, I can click on It and see both language I am using, I can choose between them, but after I click on the second language nothing happens. The first language is still selected. I tried to use Alt+Shift, but again the languages can not be changed. I have tried adding more language from the control panel, removing the language bar, adding it again, etc. but still I can not change between the languages.

What I found interesting is that if I am at the login screen of my vista I am able to change the languages using Alt+Shift, but once I login I am not able to change them.

I have tried creating a new user and while using the new user I am able to change between the languages. But because of the many configurations and files I would like to continue to use my current user.

It would be great if you anyone could assist me. Thank you in advance.

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