Cannot Ping or File Share with Vista


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I've trying to get File Sharing going for the past 2 days on my new laptop which is running vista home premium w. sp1. I have a network of 3 XP Pro machines, one being a wireless laptop, that share fine and ping as well. The router is a Linksys WRT54GS.

On the vista machine:

- Windows Firewall is active, File and Printer Sharing is checked. I know this isn't the problem because it doesn't work even with the firewall turned off.
- Network Discovery: ON
- File Sharing: ON
- Public Folder Sharing: OFF
- Printer Sharing: OFF
- Password protected Sharing: ON
- Media Sharing: OFF

The workgroup name is the same on all computers on the network. As I mentioned all the xp machines and even the xbox function fine, its just this Vista laptop thats a pain. It doesn't even ping from any of the other computers.

One more thing I should mention. The Vista machine doesn't see any computers in the network other than itself, and the XP machine sees the Vista but refuses to connect, not even ask for password. It just appears and thats it.

Anyone know a reason why it's acting like this?

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i have the same type of problem...
i got two laptops both connected to a wireless router which is connected to the adsl modem...both laptops have no problems in connecting to the internet...

but when I tried to share files...neither of them cannot acces each others files..whith using the network folder...

but in one laptop whhen i type the ip address of the other in the run command it will open the others public folder...and also its is possible to ping the other compuetr but vise versa is impossible...both are acer laptops...and im quite sure there nothing wrong with the wireless adpaters......

both hav vista home premium 32-bit...i need help

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