Cannot view computer from Windows Vista


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I'm sharing a printer through Ubuntu 9.04, using CUPS 1.3.9, and although printing is successful locally, I cannot view the shared printer from a Win XP machine (which might be a CUPS/UX/WinXP problem).

When I type the UNC path e.g. \\computername from a machine running Windows Vista, an error is displayed stating that the server (Ubuntu 9.04) does not have the correct driver installed.

Moreover, whilst the Vista machine can ping the <computername> successfully, intermittently the <computername> was not found initially although by persisting I managed to view the shared printer(s) installed on the server machine.

So I presume that Vista drivers for HP OfficeJet 5610 is incompatible with the printer drivers for Linux (see HP Linux Imaging and Printing for download site).

Any ideas?


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