Canon printers not compatible with Remote Desktop


According to Canon Tech Support--spoke to the manager -- no Canon Printer is compatible with XP Pro's and Vista Business's Remote Desktop. Since their printer drivers are made in Japan, the manager of inkjet support told me all he could do was forward my request to the highest level here in America with the suggestion of supporting the Remote desktop.

I even tried Black Ice's Print2XP (the cost is over $100 and no phone support) which is supposed to create a virtual printer days ago but cannot get it to work --their email tech support has not answered in 4 days.

Does anyone know a way to get my PC at work which uses Vista Business to list my Canon Printer so I am able to print documents that are on my work machine and on my Novell Network of which I am the Admin? My home machine has XP Pro.

When I had the Epson 980 Printer, using Windows 2000 at home and XP Pro at work, the printer was recognized on my work PC and I had no problems printing.

Thanks in advance,